Friday, December 4, 2009

Introduce Yourself!

What's the value of a home landscape?

Many green industry and real estate articles will suggest that the value of a home landscape lies in the continual ROI (return on investment) that an aesthetically pleasing landscape affords you in terms of property value. It's true! Many studies conclude that an investment in home landscaping yields favorable returns, and that's reason enough to spend your money in your yard. But is ROI the only way to measure the value of a landscape?

We submit that it is not! While a beautiful, well-maintained home landscape is a strategic investment, it is also so much more than that. We believe that your home landscape is truly a reflection of you: your values, your tastes, your lifestyle.

The way you establish and decorate your home allows your guests to enjoy an insight into who you are. Your furniture, artwork, paint choices, knick-knacks and family photos are an extension of what makes your style exceptional. This unique reflection of you should not, however, be confined to the interior of your home! The design of the exterior of your home also makes a statement and is the first and often only impression that many people will have of you. Countless people pass by your home regularly; do they notice your landscape? Is it unique? Does your landscape simply blend into the space surrounding it? If so, is that who you are? We don't think so.

As someone drives past your house, don't you want them to notice what is yours? Wouldn't you love them to pause and think 'Wow! That yard looks great! What a beautiful design- I wonder what kind of person lives there?' Your home should reflect who you are and provide visual interest to those who are so lucky as to view it. Much as the frame of a picture perfectly displays a masterpiece, your home landscape should uniquely accentuate your beautiful house and serve as an extension of your personality.

With that in mind, spend some time thinking about what you want people to know about you. Brainstorm what makes you 'you' and translate those qualities into a beautiful home landscaping that really reflects your personality (Call a professional if you need some help!) Your landscape, however small, should be something you take pride in- something that captures the essence of YOU. Go ahead, introduce yourself to the world!