Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From Seedlings to Table

Hi all!

We're back with an update from our Vegetable Garden:

Last we posted on the blog (our Facebook photos show more progress) our little seedlings had just sprouted:

It's been 4 weeks since that post and we have already enjoyed our first harvest!

Here's what happened during those 4 weeks:

About two weeks after our sprouts showed up, our veggie bed was looking a little like this:

It's amazing how quickly things grow! Look at all the green leaves!

And at the 3 week mark:

And at 4 weeks: (You can see the gaps left in the rows after our first harvest!)

Isn't it great! Our Vegetable Garden experiment has been a great success so far!

Here are some progress shots just so you can see the dramatic difference in growth over the past 4 week.

Radish sprouts:

Radishes 14 days in:

Radishes 21 days in:

Radishes at 4 weeks:

And on Friday (April 13) we had our first big harvest! Sarah and her husband Ben made this tasty salad from our harvest for a little al fresco dining:

Bon Appetit!