Monday, August 2, 2010

Backyard Entertaining Ideas

In light of this weekend's oh-so-anticipated cooler weather, we thought we'd offer some exciting ideas for some backyard entertaining with your outdoor kitchen. Enjoy!

Summer Party ideas for your

outdoor kitchen:

Harvest Party: Ask friends to bring some of the summer's bounty from their vegetable gardens (or stop by a local farmer's market!) and host a veggie grilling dinner party. Healthy and delicious!

Grill-Off: Gather family and friends and host a grilling competition to determine who has the best grill skills! Ask everyone to bring their favorite recipe and enjoy taste-testing!

Herb Cocktail Party: That pretty rosemary shrub can do more than flavor chicken dishes; search online for some tasty cocktail recipes that include herbs and have a few friends over for some Lavender Lemonade!