Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year, New Landscape!

After spending some much appreciated time with family and friends this Christmas season, I've decided it's time to start evaluating my 2010 accomplishments, giving thanks for what I was blessed with this past year, and turning my focus to 2011.

Among other things, 2010 has given me the opportunity to spend time getting to know some of our clients. I have really enjoyed listening to some pretty creative ideas and helping to make these inspirations a reality. Here are just a few of the ideas I was able to help develop this year:

What a year for beautiful design!

In the coming year I am resolving myself to be a better blogger! I thoroughly enjoy the time I can spend exploring the inspirations of others through their own blogs, and I'm determined to provide you with the same exciting, inspiring blogging dedication right here on this site!

Here's to a very happy and prosperous 2011!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Got Mulch?

As this week's weather has made abundantly clear, WINTER HAS COME!

What does that mean for your landscape? It's time to mulch!

Winter is the time of year during which mulch can serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose in your landscape. When trees have lost their leaves and flowers have died back, mulch can really make your slightly-less-exciting winter landscape look fresh and tidy.

More importantly, though, mulch serves a few important purposes in your landscape during the winter and early spring months.

Insulation: Laying a fresh dressing of mulch around your plants in early winter can help to protect their roots from winter cold and increase the chance of winter survival.

Erosion control: Winter weather often leaves areas covered in herbaceous plant material barren for a few months. This exposure of bare topsoil to winter's often windy and wet conditions increases the probability of erosion. Laying mulch in these areas can help mitigate the loss of topsoil.

Weed suppression: An annually applied layer of mulch can help to prevent the germination of weed seeds as temperatures rise in the early spring. Who doesn't welcome help with weed control?

Protect your plants and spruce up your 'scape; Spread some mulch!