Monday, December 19, 2011

The Stahr's Front Walkway

Hi all! We're here today to share some photos from a project we finished last week for the Stahr family!

David and Kristen Stahr live in Ashland, VA. Their home is tucked away in the beautiful, wooded country and they called us needing help with the entrance to their home.

Over the summer, David had built a really nice front porch and stairs for their home which led to the idea of a new front walkway.

The existing walkway was a simple, concrete path that likely was installed when the home was built a few decades ago. The concrete was cracking and the sharp right angle of the path was less-than convenient to use, particularly in relation to where the Stahrs parked their cars in the driveway.

The need for a new walkway that was more conducive to the Stahrs' daily life was evident. Some of the details of the project included the need to incorporate the already existing stairs and porch into the design for a seamless transition into the house as well as a wheelchair ramp.

Tom and I met with the Stahrs several times to finalize the drawing for the project and in late-November, we were ready to move forward.

Our design build team assigned to this project was John, Juan, and Jesus. The crew worked for three long days last week to create the new entrance! All their hard work paid off, though, because the Stahrs are absolutely thrilled with their experience with Robbins Landscaping! On the second day of the install, Kristen sent me this message:

"...Because my work desk is right by the window, I’ve been able to see some of the progress and have been impressed with how conscientious the guys have been with making sure things are “perfect”. I’m so thankful to you and your team for all you’ve done to help make this work for us. It looks better than I ever could have imagined, and that’s being said before the job is even completed.

Take care,


Here are some pictures of the final project:

John, Juan, and Jesus did a particularly good job making sure that the grade of the patio matched the grade of the bottom step... no toe-stubbing here!

David and Kristen are really pleased with the end result! This is the message that Kristen sent me on the evening that the crew finished:

" Sarah,
All I can say is wow! I literally got tears in my eyes when I saw the yard after it was finished. It is truly unbelievable! I could not be any happier with it and don’t know how to thank you guys enough... It really is better than I could have hoped for.

Thanks again, Sarah – and Tom, for all your patience and hard work with getting this together for us. It’s truly beautiful!

Thank you to the Stahrs for the opportunity to work together on this project! We enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to continuing to help you transform your home landscape!