Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Frosty Fountains

Many of our clients' landscapes showcase a water feature or two (mostly designed and installed by us) and many of our water-loving friends wonder what will happen to their lush, summertime fountains/waterfalls/ponds when winter comes?

(Photo courtesy of David Beam)

Our answer: all sorts of enjoyment!

Even the smallest of water features typically move enough water to prevent a complete freezing of the water here in balmy Richmond.

And last year's snowy February couldn't stop our pond's waterfall from flowing!

So when old man winter comes to Virginia, he brings with him the opportunity to enjoy some really beautiful ice effects without damaging the water features:

No ice-skating here!

So for those of you who are so lucky as to host one of those bubbliny beauts, spend the next few weeks enjoying the view of your winter waterscape!

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