Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vegetable Gardens in Richmond, VA!

That's right: the exciting new project for our Show Gardens that we hinted at yesterday is a Vegetable Garden!

We are going to be installing several raised vegetable beds as an addendum to our Show Gardens at our office in Colonial Heights. This idea is 'new' to our Show Gardens, but is a very old style of gardening that we can't wait to incorporate into our services.

Here's a video of Doug explaining our idea:

We are so excited for this project; it will be a great way to test out different kinds of vegetables as well as give back to the community! Once we begin harvesting our vegetables, we intend to donate the surplus to our local food bank.

Many of our team members have tended personal vegetable gardens for years; this year we are all going to pool our knowledge to tend the best vegetable garden that we can!

Does anyone out there tend a vegetable garden? Are you in the Richmond area? What do you think of our new addition?

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