Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Showing a little love for the Thomas Dale Knights!

Here at Robbins Landscaping, we like to give back to our community. We know that we couldn't be successful without the help and support of our neighbors, and we like to say 'thanks' by helping where we can. We recently completed one such 'Thank you, community!' project! Check out the press release below to learn about how we partnered with the Thomas Dale High School football program to improve their football field:
Chester, Virginia/USA - 09/25/12 - The Thomas Dale Knights football team, 2009 State Champions, needed help with their field in August 2011. Head football coach Kevin Tucker asked Doug Robbins, a proud Thomas Dale alum and owner of Robbins Landscaping, for help with the field’s condition. Tucker’s request prompted Doug Robbins to donate a turf rejuvenation to Thomas Dale High School on behalf of Robbins Landscaping, Inc. During a twelve-month rejuvenation, the Robbins Landscaping Team worked hard to help the Thomas Dale Football coaching staff rejuvenate the Thomas Dale football field. With consultative help from Gil Grattan of Virginia Green, one of Robbins Landscaping’s key subcontractors, the company followed a holistic approach to rejuvenation, beginning with an aeration, fertilization, and weed control program for the field. The Robbins Landscaping Irrigation division worked with the Thomas Dale coaching staff to establish and follow an irrigation schedule to support healthy turf growth. Throughout the renovation, the Thomas Dale coaching staff excellently maintained the field with proper cutting techniques. This summer, the Robbins team installed soil and sod to patch some particularly bare areas of turf and the field was over seeded and fertilized again. To add some finishing touches to their volunteer restoration, Robbins Landscaping fertilized the practice fields and offered its Maintenance Division to help with mowing and weed eating on the field and in the stadium area. Doug Robbins is often donating his company’s services to help others in the Greater Richmond Area. A strong sense of community responsibility permeates the Robbins Landscaping culture. Doug Robbins built his company on a strong belief in giving back and has worked to engrain this principle into the mission of Robbins Landscaping. When asked about this particular donation to the community, Doug responds “I want to be able to positively affect our community- particularly the young members of our community. I want to provide them with the best possible opportunity for success.” Robbins Landscaping was pleased to offer its resources to help the Thomas Dale athletes get ready for their season by providing quality turf on the football field. The Robbins Landscaping Team is excited for the Thomas Dale athletes to begin using their newly rejuvenated field and wishes them the best of luck for the 2012 football season. Go Knights!
A big 'Thank You!' to the Greater Richmond Community from Robbins Landscaping, Inc. We wouldn't be where we are today without you!

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