Monday, July 11, 2011

Let the Installation Begin!

This week we've got an exciting project installation here at Robbins Landscaping!

Our clients, 'The D's' recently decided to expand their back deck into an all-inclusive outdoor living area! And we start installation today!

This week and next we'll be keeping you updated with exciting play-by-play posts of the work we're doing.

Let's start with the BEFORE:

This is what the back deck currently looks like:

It's a beautiful back deck, but it's missing some great entertaining space, shade, and an area for grilling.

Enter Robbins Landscaping. Together with The D's, Doug and Tom have come up with a wonderful plan that will give The D's the lifestyle they are looking for right in their own backyard!

Here's how we plan to deliver:
1. Lacking space for entertaining: we'll be adding a nice, large patio to the area to allow for dining/relaxing furniture.
2. Lack of shade: in comes a beautiful pergola for the space that adds shade and compliments the architecture of the home.
3. Area for grilling: We are so excited to be adding an outdoor kitchen to this space! (We really enjoy designing and building outdoor kitchens because each is challenging, unique, and FUN! And, most importantly, our clients that choose to install outdoor kitchens end up loving them. Outdoor kitchens are great additions to outdoor spaces and really can help achieve a more relaxing lifestyle. And you know how we strive to make our clients happy!)

So, with the aims in mind, let's talk pre-installation details.

This is the space in which we will be working:
You can see it is bordered by an island bed of crape myrtles and flowers on the left and the porch on the right.

Here's a head-on view of the space with the island bed:

Here's a good shot of one of the challenges on the project; those green circular structures in the bottom left corner are septic system components. We'll post on how we worked with those!:

And lastly, a few of our preliminary markings! Doug and Tom like to paint a rough sketch of our ideas on the ground for our clients so that it's easy to envision what we will be doing:

Now that you're caught up, 'Let the installation begin!'

We'll be back tomorrow with progress to date! Join us!

Has anyone ever decided that a back deck just wasn't enough space for your outdoor living style? Anyone drooling over the idea of an outdoor kitchen?

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