Friday, November 4, 2011

Client Testimonial

We were excited and fortunate to receive the testimonial below from our client, Miki Greene. Part of our company's written Purpose is: " impress clients by creating and maintaining landscapes that make them happy." We strive to make our clients happy every day, and this kind of encouragement really hits home for us:

“I wanted to write you an email to let you know about the incredible workmanship that was completed by your company. There are not enough words to descrive how awesome your team is. When I first called to discuss the project with Tommy, he gave me all the information I needed to set up the appointment and to understand your process for work. He was patient and treated me with great respect as I outlined what i needed for my yard. He did not downplay the size of the project, but instead offered me ideas and an opportunity to meet with your designer Bruce. This is the first view of your company and Tommy really shined. He was extremely clear about how the project would proceed and gave me detailed explanations about your policies and processes.

Bruce arrived within a week to examine my yard. He had the toughest job of all because he had to deal with all my anxiety about the changes that I needed to make. He was also very respectful, kind, patient, and all around just wonderful to me and my husband. Bruce is a VERY talented individual who 'oozes' with innovation and creativity!!!! He immediately assessed what I needed and knew exactyl what we should do to update our front yard. His ability to work with the client, understand needs, and offer great options is what 'sold' me on your company. I interviewed several other landscaping companies in the area, and up to this point NO ONE even came close to competing with your company and staff.

Then the big day came for work to begin. Everything happened EXACTLY as it was outlined by your staff. I am extremely impressed by the organization and ability of you team to work together. I attribute this organization to your Project Manager, Tom. Tom is a gift from heaven!! He came on the site and assessed the work that was progressing. He immediately worked with the team to understand how the project was going and to help them with a few small questions they needed resolved. He did not interfere with what they were doing, but worked to help assist them as needed. I loved the way he treated them- as owners of their work rather than people to be dictated to. Tom worked with me on plant arrangements and quickly changed my design when we realized that I needed to move one of the trees to a different location. He took ownership for this project and flawlessly translated my design into a beautiful reality.

Lastly, BUT BY NO MEANS LEAST, I want to applaud you for hiring such incredibly smart, inventive, polite, and again 'all around wonderful' landscapers and hardscapers. These men did a phenomenal job executing my project. They were some of the most professional people I have had come to do work at my home. They assisted me with all my MANY questions, and did not consider my input an 'intrusion' on their work. The quality of the work completed was top notch and I cannot say enough good things about your staff!!”

- Miki Greene

Thank you for sharing your experience, Mrs. Greene!

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