Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall is for Planting!

Any savvy homeowner knows that fall is for planting; all the local garden centers, newspapers, and home improvement magazines tell us that! But why is fall a perfect time to plant?

First, from a horticultural standpoint: "Fall is the preferred time to plant in central Virginia. . . [Fall planting] allows the roots to get acclimated to your soil without having to suffer through high summer temperatures and limited moisture. The cooler soil temperatures are ideal for root growth and we normally have adequate moisture from rain during the fall months." -Richard Nunnally, 'Gardening Q & A'
Richmond Times Dispatch 9/3/2011

Second, from the homeowner's perspective: Fall is a great time to plant so that your landscape can look its best during the holiday season. Homeowners that are planning to host holiday gatherings should consider sprucing up their landscaping before guests arrive!

Third, from the investment perspective: fall is a great time to see discounts on plant materials! Many nurseries would prefer to sell off the season's stock instead of over-wintering it at their site, which translates to savings for you!

Whether you want to muscle a landscape installation on your own or call in the pro's, now is the time to add bulbs, fall annuals, shrubs, and trees to your landscape.

Happy planting!

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